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Romantic Feel

After several months of paper crafting hiatus, I decided to come back with a card that I made for the 22nd Prakarya Kertas, Indonesian monthly paper craft challenge held by Dian Yustisia. This month’s challenge is “Romantic” it could be something related to romanticism and arts from that era, or could be any interpretation of romance.

Before my hiatus, I bought this very pretty colorful gingham patterned ribbon. I really want to incorporate this into the project, so I make a round shaped card with doily paper, put some buttons on it and make a bow with the ribbon as the center piece. I sand the sides of the card to add a vintage feeling to it. I like the result.

Sadly I can’t list the supplies because I don’t know the brand of these.


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Small Happiness

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It’s the time again! Dawn’s Raspberry Suite Color Challenge. Sadly I’m mistaken the challenge’s closing date *sigh*, so this doesn’t count as an entry, but it’s fun and the colors are beautiful so I did it anyway! For this challenge, again I’m using Hero Art’s Kraft Notecard (I think I need more of these!). And also still in my button craze moment, I decided to use *more* buttons for this project, and voilĂ ! Here’s the card!

Supplies : Hero Arts Kraft Notecard, Hero Arts Clear Design Mix & Match Elements, Colorbox Chalk Chestnut Roan Inkpad, Basic Grey Sultry 6×6 paper pad, Basic Grey Bug Bitsy Stamps, Basic Grey Wild Flowers Stamps, McGill Fancy Square Paper Punch, Fiskars Upper Crest Edge Punch

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Altered Clothespin

Ever since I’m obsessed with buttons again, I browse around Etsy for inspirations in using buttons for my crafts. So I bought a pack of wooden clothespin in 100 yen shop, the quality isn’t good, but I decided to use them anyway. I covered them with Japanese washi masking tapes. Put some buttons on top, voila, a brand new look is born!

Supplies : Wooden clothespins, masking tapes, buttons, embroidery threads

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Buttoned Up!

Since this week is my button-crazed week, I’ll post several projects including buttons here, even though they’re not related to papercrafting at all. First is a buttoned up wool scarf. I knitted this 1-skein scarf last year. I used my dream yarn, the Noro yarn, but since I was broke and the yarn was very expensive (approx 8 dollars a skein), I only bought one. I made this long scarf (or anything you call it) and never wear it once because it ended up very odd-looking. So I decided, if I’m going to look crazy wearing this, why not go all out? I put some buttons on it using embroidery ribbon.

And here’s how it turned out :

This project is inspired by this very cool D.I.Y community (mostly include sewing) that I encountered via YouTube, The Thread Banger. I was so inspired when I read the blogs and watch their videos. But then again I remember, I always had problem with sewing that made me give up easily. But this time, since it’s quite simple I managed to finish it before I got bored or pissed. Here’s some zoomed details :

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I have this thing for buttons. I just love it and it’s not just now, I used to took buttons from my mother’s sewing tool box and play with them. I combined them with beads to create a very long necklace with them. Back in my hometown, my love for buttons is just as far as that. I played with my mom’s collection, but it’s not even exactly a collection, it was excess buttons from my mom’s sewing projects and they’re not really fancy. I started collecting buttons two years ago when I visited a local fabric store that held a new year sale on buttons. Put as many as possible into a little plastic that they provide, and all the buttons are all yours only with 200 yen! I didn’t know yet what I would do with the buttons, but I bought three packs, filled it with as many buttons as I could.
Starting scrapbooking and card making late in 2008, I began to use buttons as embellishment, as a center piece for paper flowers, etc. Some people might like to store their button collection in jars, but since my collection isn’t very extensive, I sort them by color, and put them in this plastic storage. They’re just a cheap plastic storage I got from 100 yen shop (dollar store).
It’s very thin so it’s pretty easy to store in my craft rack. It’s very helping because I don’t have so many space in my room right now. Plus, it has individual lid that made it easy to use. The weak point of this style of storage is that it’s hard to trace which buttons came from which collection or which brand. I personally tried to figure it out by remembering each button’s character to remind me which one I bought where.

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