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Altered Clothespin

Ever since I’m obsessed with buttons again, I browse around Etsy for inspirations in using buttons for my crafts. So I bought a pack of wooden clothespin in 100 yen shop, the quality isn’t good, but I decided to use them anyway. I covered them with Japanese washi masking tapes. Put some buttons on top, voila, a brand new look is born!

Supplies : Wooden clothespins, masking tapes, buttons, embroidery threads


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I didn’t have enough time to make Eid cards since there were too many things to catch up, but here’s two simple postcards I made with Japanese Masking Tapes I just bought in Tokyo last week. I love the new patterns! I stamp Hero Arts Raindrop Design Block with some distress inks on the back and printed out the greetings. Happy Eid to everyone!

*In Indonesian, we spell it Ied, but internationally it supposed to be Eid I guess.

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Matryoshka Doll Cards


Matryoshka Dolls are cute! And they are a great inspiration for making crafts, too! I don’t know if it’s only in Japan, but Matryoshka Doll patterns and shapes  are being used everywhere and becoming part of current pop culture. I made these cards by making a collage using Japanese Pattern Masking Tapes, then cut them into a doll shape, draw a smily face, put ribbon around it and here you go. Matryoshka Doll Cards to brighten your day.

*Privyet is a Russian greeting means hi or hello.

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